Monday, November 23, 2015

Jan Malkus Shares a Guide for Austrian Visa

If you live in the EU, you will probably want to obtain a "Schengen" - visa, which is valid in all EU "Schengen" states.
Austria Visa sample

  • The "Schengen" states are currently:
  • Short term business visas for up to six months are possible. We can help you to obtain a business visa quickly so that you do not need to deal with the EU bureaucracy.

  • Residence in Austria:
    Jan Malkus mentions that if you want to immigrate to Austria or another EU country, you must first apply for residence there.
    You can obtain a residence permit initially for one to three years. This period can easily be extended. If you wish to live indefinitely in Austria, we can assist you in making the necessary arrangements, whether your purpose is trading, business or private residence. Your family can accompany you with no additional application. There are no minimum stay requirements.
    We guarantee that you will obtain residence in Austria in the shortest possible time by using our services for a single set fee.
    If you qualify living in Austria can also bring you tax advantages, as in some special cases the Ministry of Finance can reduce or even eliminate your tax liabiliy in Austria. Please do not hesitate to ask us for more information.
    Our Fee is 50.000 Euro / 70.000 USD. And in ap. 12 Month you can live in Austria

    Citizenship in Austria:

    The Austrian passport is one of the world`s most desirable travel documents says Jan Malkus. You are eligible for Austrian citizenship and passport after a minimum of six years residency in Austria.
    In selected cases you may obtain immediate Austrian citizenship by investing in a bigger scale in Austria. Other customized solutions are also available to enable you to get citizenship more quickly.
    Relocation Service:
    When you relocate to Austria, we can assist with every facet of the move:
    Finding suitable accommodation, organizing the transport of your belongings and contracting with utility providers.
    We can also help you integrate into the community by recommending club memberships, language schools, etc.

    Real Estate:
    Real estate investments in selected EU countries can offer above-average investment returns. In many cases, you can obtain annual returns of 10% or more (before tax), plus appreciation says Jan Malkus.
    Our firm has more than 20 years experience as real estate investors in Austria and other EU countries and can assist with real estate investments throughout the EU. Whether you plan to use property for your own proposes or as a strategic investment, we can find the suitable condominium, house, business property or whatever you are seeking easily, safely and at a reasonable cost.
    Corporate and Business Relocation Service:
    Many businesses wish to move or open branches in Austria. Our firm has many years of experience offering corporate clients with the right solution for business relocation and immigration.
    We work closely together with lawyers and tax advisors all over the world and offer our clients customized relocation solutions.

    Business visa:
    A business visa allows you to stay in Austria for six months.
    Residence and work permit for managers:
    We can advise you how to become a "key manager" of an Austrian based company, and thereby achieve residence and work permit within approximately three months.

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